Friday, October 10, 2008

The Bill Henson Saga

Have just finished reading David Marr's new book on the Bill Henson controversy. It's a calm, measured, lucid telling of an appalling story of hysteria, philistinism and downright ignorance.

And a fine piece of publishing yet again from Michael Heyward of Text.

I was amazed at Marr's self-control. Personally, throughout the whole saga, I was as angry as hell. I tend to favor more shakespearean renderings - constant references to 'stinking mobs', etc!

Marr criticises Rudd who rushed to judgement calling the pictures 'disgusting' and 'revolting' when shown them briefly on the Today show. He should have condemned him in no uncertain terms for his abysmal lack of leadership, and the effect his immature views had on constraining all comment from government and government-funded bodies thereafter, including Arts Minister Peter Garrett and the National Gallery and Library heads.

The book is a damn good read though. Marr's nothing if not dependable.

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