Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Costello memoirs

Let's face it...Peter Costello's book is a dud!

MUP printed 50k copies. They will sell barely 20k, possible 25k. That's all.


As soon as Malcolm Turnbull became Leader of the Opposition - ironically on the very same day The Costello Memoirs was launched - the book's fate was sealed. Instantly Costello became yesterday's man. History.

Such is the fate of many non-fiction titles on politics, business and current affairs. No publisher can ever get the timing exactly right. More often than not you'll be wrong-footed by unfolding events.

But what about the huge success of Mark Latham's book? Well, the zietgeist there was totally different. Labor was in the doldrums; Uninspiring Beazley was back as leader; Howard's poll ratings were good. Things looked depressingly bad for Labor. In this climate Latham's radical and angry polemic was provocative and refreshing.

Of course it sold well. And word of mouth kept it selling for weeks.

How opposite to that is Costello's book. Snooze central, I'm afraid!

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